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Poux Plastics, Inc.
Any item that you require can be fabricated to meet your needs.

Custom Fittings

As well as carrying a full line of standard fittings, Poux Plastics specializes in Custom Fabrication of PVC, CPVC and ABS fittings for any irrigation or drainage application. From drill and taping to custom outer dimension barbs, we can meet your needs.

Following are several examples of fittings that we have fabricated for the Irrigation and Mining industries.

PVC Fittings
PVC Fittings
PVC Fittings
     4" Insert Barb
       1" NPT Tap
     4" Insert Barb
            4" Insert Barb
             1" NPT Tap
            4" NPT Thread
    Drilled and Tapped "H"  fitting
PVC Fittings
PVC Fittings
4" Insert Barb X 4" AQUAMINE Groove          3" 4 Bolt Flange
     1/4" NPT Tap for Gauge
        3" Insert Barb
            2" Insert Saddle Coupling

When ordering, please specify outer barb dimension,
or type of pipe being used, so that we can ensure proper fit.

Custom Fittings
Insert Couplings
Insert Spigot Adapters
Insert Socket Adapters
Insert Flanges
Insert Female Adapters
Insert Reducers
Insert Male Adapters
Insert & Reducing Elbows
Insert & Reducing Tees
Insert Plugs
Transition Fittings
Reducing Adapters
Victaulic Groove Fittings
End Flush
Starter Tee
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