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Reducing Adapters
Standard -
Part No.SizeList Price
R32MPT3" X 2"37.99
R42MPT4" X 2"37.99
R43MPT4" X 3"43.70
R63MPT6" X 3"104.08
R64MPT6" X 4"96.31
R84MPT8" X 4"159.76
R86MPT8" X 6"190.05
Part No.SizeList Price
R32MPTTS3" X 2"37.99
R42MPTTS4" X 2"37.99
R43MPTTS4" X 3"43.70
R63MPTTS6" X 3"104.08
R64MPTTS6" X 4"96.31
R84MPTTS8" X 4"159.76
R86MPTTS8" X 6"190.05

British Thread Available up to 6"

When ordering, please specify outer barb dimension, or type of pipe being used, so that we can ensure proper fit.

Outside the United States?

We’ll pay the ground freight to the exporter of your choice.

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